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Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With "S" and Meaning
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Name In Marathi Meaning
Srikant श्रीकांत Lover Of Wealth
Srikanth श्रीकंठ Sree represents respect, esteem, wisdom, light, wealth and fortune!
Srikar श्रीकर Lord Vishnu
Srikaran श्रीकरण  
Srimaan shankarsan    
Srimatesh श्रीमाटेश the lord of knowledge
Srinav श्रीनाव lord vishnu
Srinesh श्रीनेश Lord Vishnu
Sringesh श्रीन्गेश purity
Srini सरींनी  
Srinibash श्रीनिबाश lord venkateshwara
Srinikesh श्रीनिकेश  
Srinish श्रीनिश  
Srinivas श्रीनिवास Lord Venkateshwara
Srinivasachari   Sunlight
Srinivasarao श्रीनिवासराव sri nivas means lakshmi nivas means lord venkateswara
Srinivash श्रीनिवाश  
Srinivasu श्रीनिवासु paramatmudu
Srinivasulu श्रीनिवासुलू lord venkateswara
Srinjan श्रीन्जन  
Srinjay श्रीन्जय  
Srinjoy श्रीन्जोय the french person!
Srinuvas श्रीनुवास  
Sriram श्रीराम Lord Rama
Srisaran   Ayyappan name
Srithik श्रीठीक Lord Shiva
Srivant श्रीवंत Lord Vishnu
Srivanth   Lord Venkateswara
Srivar सरीवर From aristocratic english surname
Srivardhan   srivardhan
Srivas श्रीवास  
Srivathsa श्रीवाठ्सा God Of Srimahavishnu
Srivatsav श्रीवात्सव  
srivid   sri means lakshmi vid means vidhwath
Srutika sree    
Stafford स्तफ्फोर्द Derived From Stanford
Stamford स्तम्फोर्द A Short Form Of Stanley
Stan स्तन Challenger Of Fate
Stanbuck स्तन्बुच्क Stone Fortification
Stanbury स्तन्बुर्य Beam
Stancil स्तन्चील Stony Cliff
Stancliff स्तन्च्लीफ्फ Stony Parkland
Standish स्तन्दिश Stony Field
Stanfield ष्तन्फ़िएल्द Stony Meadow
Stanley स्तन्लेय Stony Lake
Stanmore स्तन्मोरे Hard As Stone
Stannard स्तन्नार्द Stony Farm
Stanton स्तन्तोन Stony Road
Stanway स्तन्वाय Stony Village
Stanwick स्तन्विच्क Stony Woods
Stanwood स्तन्वूड Lord Vishnu
Stavya स्तव्य Owner Of A Farmstead
Steadman ष्तेअद्मन Derived From Steadman
Stedman स्तेद्मान Like Steel
Steel स्टील Derived From Steel
Steele ष्तॆले A Short Form Of Stephen
Steph स्तेफ Son Of Stephen
Stephenson स्तेफेन्सोन Derived From Sterling
Sterlin स्तेर्लीन Valuable; Silver Penny
Sterling स्तेर्लिंग Austere
Sterne स्तेरणे  
Steve स्तेवे Son Of Steven
Stevens स्तेवेंस A Familiar Form Of Stephen
Stevie ष्तेविए Derived From Stuart
Stewart स्तेवार्त Quiet
Sthavir स्थविर Lord Brahma
Sthir स्थिर Foccused
Stillman स्तील्ल्मान Spike Of Grain
Stimit स्तिमित Astonishing
Sting स्टिंग Derived From Sterling
Stirling स्तीर्लिंग Tree-stump Meadow
Stockley स्तोच्क्लेय Tree-stump Remover
Stockman स्तोच्क्मान Tree-stump Town
Stockton स्तोच्क्तोन Tree-stump Well
Stockwell स्तोच्क्वेल Horse Keeper
Stoddard स्तोद्दर्द Furnace Tender
Stoker स्तोकेर Stone
Stone ष्तोने Derived From Stone
Stoney ष्तोनेय Tempest, Storm
Storm स्तोर्म Praise glory fame
Stotra स्तोत्र Stove Tender
Stotri स्तोत्री Lord Vishnu
Stover स्तोवर Hidden; Packed Away
Stowe स्तोवे Bridge Over The River
Stratford स्त्रात्फोर्द Powerful
Strong स्त्रोंग Thicket
Stroud ष्त्रोउद A Short Form Of Stewart, Stuart
Stu स्तू Signifying Caretaker Or Steward
Stuart ष्तुअर्त Rounded Nail Heads; Shirt Ornaments
Studs स्तुद्स Stairs Put Over A Wall To Help Cross It
Styles स्त्य्लेस Good luck
Su ud, Suoud षु उद, षुओउद  
Sual षुअल Asked For
Suarya षुअर्य  
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