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Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With "S" and Meaning
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Name In Marathi Meaning
Shreyansh श्रेयांश Lord Vishnu
Shreyars श्रेयार्स  
Shreyas श्रेयस The best
Shreyash श्रेयश Credit Of Fame
Shreyovardhana श्रेयोवार्धना  
Shreyus श्रेयुस the hindu version of shreyas means the superior. the indian version of shreyas means the best, excellent or auspicious.
Shri Gopal क्ष्रि घोपल lord krishna
Shri Hari क्ष्रि ःअरि  
Shri Jagadeesh क्ष्रि झगदॆश Lord of Universe
Shri Krishna क्ष्रि ख्रिश्न lord krishna
Shri Kumar क्ष्रि खुमर beautiful
Shri varshan    
Shrida श्रीदा Lord Kuber
Shridhar श्रीधर Lord Vishnu
Shrigopal श्रीगोपाळ Lord Krishna
Shrihaan श्रीहान lord vishnu
Shrihan श्रीहन Lord Vishnu
Shrihansu श्रीहान्सू lord vishnu
Shrihari श्रीहरी Lord Vishnu
Shriharit श्रीहारीत Gentleman
Shrikant श्रीकांत Lord Vishnu
Shrikanta श्रीकांत Beautiful
Shrikanth श्रीकंठ god shiva
Shrikar श्रीकर Lord Vishnu
Shrikeshav श्रीकेशाव Lord Krishna
Shrikrishna श्रीक्रीष्णा Lord Krishna
Shrikumar श्रीकुमार Beautiful
Shrilesh श्रीलेश  
Shriman श्रीमान Lord Vishnu
Shrimant श्रीमंत  
Shrimat श्रीमत Lord Vishnu
Shrimate श्रीमते Revered, Lord Hanuman
Shrimath श्रीमाठ Revered
Shrimohan श्रीमोहन Lord Krishna
Shrinand श्रीनंद Lord Vishnu
Shrinath श्रीनाथ Lord Vishnu
Shrineel क्ष्रिनॆल vishnu
Shringaravelan श्रीन्गारावेलन  
Shringesh श्रीन्गेश Lord of pearls
Shriniketan श्रीनिकेतन Lord Vishnu
Shrinivas श्रीनिवास Lord Vishnu
Shripad श्रीपाद Lord Vishnu
Shripadma श्रीपाद्मा Lord Krishna
Shripal श्रीपाल Lord Vishnu
Shripati श्रीपती Lord Vishnu
Shrirajat शरीरजात  
Shriram श्रीराम Lord Rama
Shrirang श्रीरंग Lord Vishnu
Shriranga श्रीरंग Lord Vishnu
Shriranjan श्रीरंजन Lord Vishnu
Shrish श्रीश Lord Vishnu
Shrisha श्रीश Lord Vishnu
Shrishail श्रीशैल lord shiva
Shritan श्रीतन  
Shrivara श्रीवरा lord vishnu
Shrivarah श्रीवरः Lord Vishnu
Shrivardhan श्रीवर्धन Lord Vishnu
Shrivas श्रीवास Lord Vishnu
Shrivatsa श्रीवत्स Lord Vishnu
Shrivatsav श्रीवात्सव Lord Vishnu
Shrivatsava श्रीवात्सावा lord vishnu
Shriyam श्रियं lord vishnu
Shriyan श्रीयान  
Shriyans श्रीयांस Wealth
Shrot श्रोत  
Shrujan श्रुजन Sweet talk listener
Shrutakeerti श्रुताकीर्ती Renowned, Reputed
Shruthik श्रुठीक  
Shrutik श्रुतिक  
Shrutikant श्रुतीकांत  
Shryansh श्र्यांश  
Shubam शुबाम Good Looking
Shuban शुबन Name of Lord Ganesh
Shubendra शुबेन्द्र Lord of virtue
Shubh शुभ Fortunate
Shubhagunakanan शुभागुनाकानन One who is The Master of All Virtues
Shubhaksh शुभाक्ष Lord Shiva
Shubhan शुभान One Who Is Auspicious
Shubhanand शुभानंद good bliss
Shubhang शुभांग Blessing
Shubhank शुभंक  
Shubhankar शुभंकर Virtuous
Shubhasheesh शुभाशीष Moon
Shubhashis शुभाशीस Blessings
Shubhasunad शुभासुनाद  
Shubhay शुभय Blessing
Shubhendu शुभेंदू Shiny, Good Looking
Shubhojit शुभोजित Handsome
Shubhra शुभ्र Doctor of Gods
Shubhranshu शुभ्रन्षु The Moon
Shubhratho शुभ्रत्हो  
Shubhung शुभुंग beautiful
Shuchaye शुचये Chaste
Shuchit शुचित pavitra
Shuddhashil शुद्धाशील Well Born
Shujath शुजाथ  
Shuk शुक A Parrot
Shukla शुक्ला Lord Shiva
Shukra शुक्र Resplendent, Venus, Friday
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