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Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With "A" and Meaning
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Name In Hindi Meaning
Agrasen अग्रसेन Great Warrior of an Arma
Agraveer अग्रवीर Superior, The Elder
Agreeya अग्रीय Always ahead
Agrim अग्रिम Beyond comprehension; Beyond knowledge
Agriya अगरिया First Best
Agyeya अज्ञेय Unknown
Ahaan अहाँ morning glory , first ray of light
Ahan अहन One Who Is Of The Nature Of Time Itself
Aharpati अहर्पति Heron
Aharshi अहर्शी  
Aharsi अहरसी  
Ahearn अहेअर्ण Worldly; Knowledgeable
Ahijit अहिजित Conquerer Of The Serpent
Ahil अहिल prince
Ahilan अहिलन King of Snakes
ahilesh   Tamil
Ahir अहीर  
Ahiraj अहिराज Most highly adored, or most praised; variation of the name "Muhammad"
Ahlad आह्लाद happy
Ahlad -Prahlad आह्लद्रह्लद  
Ahmad अहमद Commendable
Ahmad, Ahmed आह्मदाह्मेद  
Ahmar अहमर immortal
Ahmed अहमद Prophets Name
Ahnay अह्ने as bright as the sun
AhObalaraav अहोबलाराव Kindness
Ahoban   Invite
ahran   Shining light
Ahrar अहरार  
Ahren अहरें Enlightened
Ahsaan अहसान Made Of Oak
Ahsan अहसान Nice
Ahti आहति  
Aiden ईदें powerful
Aifa आइफा smart
Aijaz एजाज़ Favour
Aiken ऐकें One who never born
Ailiyah आइलियह a great one and it come signify god
Aiman ऐमन Fearless
Ainesh आइनेश The Sun s Glory
Ainesh - Jinesh आइनेश्ज्ञिनेश  
Ainesh -Jinesh आइनेश्ज्ञिनेश  
Ainul ऐनुल eyes
Airawat ऐरावत The Celestial White Elephant
Aiyappa ऐयप्पा god
Aiyappan ऐयप्पन Of Vishnu and Shiva, Ayya meaning Vishnu and Appa meaning Shiva
Aiyyapa आइय्यप  
Aizad ईजाद  
Aizaz एजाज़  
Aj अज  
Ajaat अजात Wondrous Being
Ajai अजी success
Ajaib अजीब One whose caretaker is the Lord
Ajaipal अजैपाल A Brahmin
Ajal अजल period
Ajamil अजामिल Unique
Ajanya अजन्य Master of Aries
Ajapati अजपति One who never aged
Ajar अजर Without an enemy
Ajat अजात Unborn
Ajatashatru अजातशत्रु Without Enemies
Ajathashatru   Means what
Ajatshatru अजातशत्रु Without enemies
Ajay अजय Unconquered
Ajay - Vijay आजय - Vइजय  
Ajay -Vijay आजय -Vइजय  
Ajay Babu -Vijay Babu आजय भबु -Vइजय भबु  
Ajay Kumar -Vijay Kumar आजय खुमर -Vइजय खुमर  
Ajayan -Vijayan आजयन -Vइजयन  
ajaybabu   A
Ajaypal अजयपाल Invincible, unconquerable
Ajeesh अजीश a male given name used in india, meaning "not defeated by anyone"
Ajeet अजीत Invincible
Ajeya अजेय Invinisible
Ajinkya अजिंक्य Brilliant
Ajistha अजिस्था  
Ajit अजित Victorious
Ajit - Ranjit आजितन्जित  
Ajit Kumaar आजित्ख़ुमार  
Ajitaab अजिताब A musical Raga
Ajitabh अजिताभ Victor
Ajitesh अजितेश Lord Vishnu
Ajith अजित one who conquered the mind
Ajmal अजमल Pious
Ajneesh अजनीश sunshine
Ajoy अजोय Joyful
Ajpal अजपाल Timeless
Akal अकाल One who sings God s praises
Akal Keerat ऎअल्ख़ीरत God s lamp
Akaldeep अकल्दीप The Eternal Light, God s Light
Akalin अकलिन  
Akaljot अकल्जोत One dwelling in the Eternal Realm
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