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Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With "A" and Meaning
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Name In Hindi Meaning
Atrasnu अत्रस्नु Rude
Atreya आत्रेय Prosperous, A Saint
Atri अत्री At The Water s Edge
Atul अतुल Uncomparable
Atul - Anil आतुल - आनिल  
Atul-Anil आतुल-आनिल  
Atulya अतुल्य Unweighable, Incomparable
Atvar अतवार lord ganesh
Atvi अटवी energy
Atwater अत्वाटर At The Well
Atwell अत्वेल्ल At The Forest
Atwood अत्वूद At The Farmstead
Atworth अत्वोर्थ Old Friend
Auden औदें A Familiar Form Of Edward
Audie औदी Wise Ruler
Audric औदरिक  
Audvik औद्विक light of lord shiva which never diminishes.
Aujar औजार  
Aum Master of Avadh
Ausija औसिजा Renowned
Avadesh अवदेश One who never been killed
Avadh अवध One who never been killed
Avadh Bihari आवध भिहरि Lord Rama
Avadh kishore आवध किशोरे Lord Rama
Avadh kumar आवध कुमर Prasad of Avadh
Avadh Prasad आवध फ्रसद Lord Rama
Avadh Pratap आवध फ्रतप  
Avadhaani अवधानी Lord Rama
Avadhesh अवधेश King Dasaratha
Avadhnarain अवध्नारें Lord Rama
Avadhnath अवधनाथ The space
Avadhoot अवधूत the avadhoot means, the person who has passed beyond all worldly attachments and cares.
Avakash अवकाश One who beholds
Avalok अवलोक The King
Avan आवन from avanindra meaning lord of earth, from sanskrit term avanindra meaning one who owns the earth
Avaneepal अवनीपल The King
Avaneesh अवनीश The King
Avaneeshwar अवनीश्वर Universal
Avaneeth अवनीत  
Avanesh अवनेश  
Avani अवनी King
AvaniKo अवनिको  
Avanindra अवनींद्र King Of The Earth
Avanish अवनीश God of the Earth
AvaniVelan अवनिवेलन Rings in water
Avart अवर्त The light
Avashesh अवशेष Remainder
Avasyu अवस्यु Lord Indra
Avatar अवतार Incarnation
Avaya आवय to arrive or to inform
Avbhas अवभास Learning, Jagran
Avbodh अवबोध Derived From Aubrey
Avdhoot अवधूत name of lord dutta
Avdhut अवधूत God Dutta
Aveekshith अवीक्षित vayu deva
Aveen अवीन beauty
Aveeyan   Sun rise
Avery अवेरी  
Avesh आवेश Still
Avhimanyu अव्हिमंयु  
Avi अवि The sun and air
Avichal अविचल Most Affectionate
Avigyan अविज्ञान  
Avijit अविजित Invincible
Avik अविक brave
Avikalp अविकल्प the meaning of this name is which has no options.
Avikam अविकम Diamond
Avikant अविकांत  
Avikrish अविक्रिश coward
Avikshit अविक्षित Not See Before
Avilash अविलाश Faithful
Avin अविन  
Avin - Avik आविन - आविक  
Avin-Avik आविन-आविक  
Avinaash अविनाश One who is away from worldliness
Avinash अविनाश Immortal
Avinashbs   Avinash
Avinay अविनय  
Avinchan अविन्चन Unity
Avinesh अविनेश  
Avingha अविन्घा  
Aviraj अविराज to shine as bright as the sun
Aviral अविरल Continous, Ongoing
Avirat अविरत Continuous
Avirbhav अविर्भाव the exact meaning of this name would be "evolution" also can mean progress.
Avish अविश Ocean
Avishesh अविशेष The King
Avkash अवकाश Limitless Space Avatar Incarnation
Avneesh अवनीश God Of The Earth.another Name For God Lord Ganesh
Avnendra अवनेंद्र angel of god on earth
Avniel आव्निएल father or strong
Avnindra अवनींद्र Lord of Earth
Avreg अव्रेग God Kannan; King of Shepherds
Avtar अवतार Holy incarnation
Avya अव्य the first life form all knowledgeable and all pure
Avyaya अव्यय lord shiv
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