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Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With "A" and Meaning
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Name In Hindi Meaning
Amrut अमृत Nectar
Amruth अमृत nectar
Amshu अंशु Atom
Amshul अंशुल Bright
Amshuman अंशुमन sun
Amsumaali अम्सुमाली Sweet
Amuda अमुदा a liquid which when consumed makes the person live life -long without a death. also means purity
Amudhan अमुधन Invaluable
Amuk अमुक some
Amul अमूल Priceless
Amulaya अमूल्य Beginningless
Amulya अमूल्य Invaluable
Amuthan अमुथान amuthan is derived from the word amurtham. this means the purity. it is the precious one.
Anaad अनाद Lord Shiva
anaas   good
Anadh अन्ध arjun
Anadi अनादी Eternal
Anagh अनघ Sinless
Anagiri अनागिरी  Immaculate
Anahid अनाहिद Another Name for God Pillaiyar; Elephant-headed
Anaimugan अनैमुगन Statur of joy
Anakh अनख moon
Anal अनल Fire
Anamaya अनामय another name of lord shiva
Anami अनामी a name of lord buddha
Anand आनंद Joy
Anand Murti आनन्द ंउर्ति Light of Joy
Anand prakash आनन्द प्रकश Bliss
Anand-Sadanand आनन्द-षदनन्द  
Anandam आनंदम Happy boy; One who brings happiness
Anandan आनंदान Who gives joy
Anandkar आनंदकर Formless; Divine
Anang अनंग A Name
Anang Shekhar आननग क्षेखर Kamadeva
Anangpal अनंगपाल Lord Rama
Ananmay अनंमय  
Ananmaya अनंमाया One Who Cannot Be Broken
Anant अनंत Joyful
Anant Bandhu आनन्त भन्धु Lord Vishnu
Anant Dev आनन्त डेव Afterwards
Anantachidrupamayam अनंताचिदृपमायाम Infinite and Consciousness Personified
Anantajeet अनंताजीत The Victor Of Infinity. Lord Vishnu
Anantar अनंतर Of Immeasurable divinity
Anantdev अनंतदेव Always Victorious
Ananth अनंत endless
Ananthan अनान्थान  
Anantim अनंतिम tone continued, not final
Anantjeet अनंत्जीत 14th Tirthankar
Anantnath अनंतनाथ Lord Rama
Anantram अनंतराम Divine
Anantsheersha अनंतशीर्ष He Man
Anantveerya अनन्तवीर्या Lovely and Handsome
Ananye अनन्ये the most honourable "ananye guru shri xxxx"
Ananyo अनंयो Sole, Peerless
Anas अनस A group of people
Anathakrishnan अनाथाकृष्णन  
Anav अनव  
Anay अन्य Radha s Husband
Anaye अनय another name for lord ganesh
Anbalagan अन्बलगन Lovely and Happy
Anbanandan अन्बनंदन Commanding and Kind
Anbarasan अंबरासन Kind
Anbarasu अन्बरासु King Of Love
Anbendhi अन्बेंधी Kind
Anboli अनबोली Love; Kindness
Anbu अनबू Kind and Prosperous
AnbuCheliyan अन्बुचेलियाँ Kind and Confident
Anbuchelvan अन्बुचेल्वन Kind, King Of Love
AnbudaiNambi अन्बुदैनाम्बी Kind and Intelligent
Anbumadhi अन्बुमधि Lovely Gem
Anbumadi अन्बुमादी Kind And Intelligent
Anbumani अंबुमणि Who Speaks Kind Words
Anbumoli अन्बुमोली Kind and Confident
AnbuNambi अन्बुनाम्बी Kind and Prosperous
Anbuselvan अन्बुसेल्वन  
Anbuvel अन्बुवेल Prayed
Anchit अंचित it means "honourable" or someone honoured and respected.
Andisami अन्दिसमी Freedom, Security
Andit आन्दित  
Andiyappan अन्दियाप्पन Holy, immaculate being
Aneek अनीक lord ganesh
Aneel अनील Lord Vishnu
Anees अनीस Close friend
Aneesh अनीश Friendly ,Good Company
Aneeswar अनीस्वर  
Aneeth अनीत calmness
Anek अनेक Many
Anesh अनश Smart one
Anfal अनफल  
Angaalappan अन्गालाप्पन  
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