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Hindi Baby Girl Names Starting With "H" and Meaning
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Name In Hindi Meaning
Harleena हर्लीना Thinking of God at all times
Harley हर्ले Lanky Cow
Harmeen हर्मीन  
Harmya हर्म्य Palace
Harneez ःअर्नॆश equal treatment to all
Harpita - Harpit ःअर्पित - ःअर्पित  
Harpreet हरप्रीत Lover Of God
Harriet हर्रिएत One who takes shelter in the Lord
Harseerat हर्सीरत  
Harshada हर्षदा Giver of Joy
Harshagun हर्शगुन  
Harshal हर्शल Glad
Harshala हर्शाला happiness, happiness 4 eva
Harshali हर्शाली anand
harshalraj   happy king of warier
Harsharan हरशरण Beautiful lady
Harshashri हर्शश्री Happiness
Harshasri   Happiness
Harshi हर्शी Joyous
Harshida हर्शिदा happy
Harshidha हर्शिधा Happy
Harshika हर्शिका happiness
Harshini हर्शिनी Joyful
Harshini - Harshil ःअर्शिनि - ःअर्शिल  
Harshita हर्षिता Joyful
Harshitha हर्षिता Full Of Joy
Harshni हर्शनी joyful
Harsika हर्सिका Laugh
harswitha   tel me meaning
Haruni हरुनी A Deer
Harusha हृष Happy
Harvi   feeling happy
Hasanthi हसंथी One That Delights
Haseen हसीं Beautiful
Haseena हसीना Good
Haseena - Haseen ःअसॆन - ःअसॆन  
Hashini हशिनी  
Hashna हाश्ना  
Hashree हश्री joyful
Hasi हसी laugh
Hasika हसिका Smiling
Hasina हसीना Cheerful,Happy
hasini हासिनी Smile
Hasini-Suhasini ःअसिनि-षुहसिनि  
Hasita हसिता Full of laughter
Hasitha हसिथा always smiling
Hasmita हस्मिता  
Hasmitha हस्मिथा  
Hasna हसना Beautiful
Hasri हसरी  
Hassini हस्सिनी  
hasta   goddess
Hasti हस्ती great
Hasu हसू laugh
Hasumati हसुमती A Familiar Form Of Harriet
Hasvitha हस्विथा  
hasvitharuni   Smiling lady
Hatisha हतिषा With No Desire
Hattie हटती Derived From Heaven
Haven हवें Modesty
Havina हविना safety
Havintha हविन्था  
Havisa हविस Lakshmi
Havisha हविषा  
Haya हया Deliriously in love
Hayaam हयाम Deliriously in love
Hayam हयं Derived From Hayley
Hayat हयात Life
Hayati हयाती  
Hayle हय्ले Derived From Hayley
Haylea हय्ला Derived From Hayley
Haylee हेली Derived From Hayley
Hayleigh हय्लेइघ Hay Meadow
Hayley हेली Derived From Hayley
Hayli हेली Derived From Hayley
Haylie हय्लिए Hazelnut Tree
Hazel हजेल Signifies A Flower Associated With Scotland
Heather हेअठेर Place Of Beauty And Happiness
Heaven हेअवेन Derived From Heaven
Heavenly हेअवेंली  
Heena हीना Generous and understanding
Heenal हीनल  
Heenita हीनिता grace
Heer हीर Dimond
Heera हीरा Diamond
Heerkani हीर्कानी Small Diamond
Heeya हीय heart
Hejal हेजल fruit
Hela हेला Moonlight
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