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Gujarathi Baby Girl Names Starting With "Ly" and Meaning
Name In Gujarathi Meaning
Lyca લ્ય્ચા  
Lyla લયલા Derived From Lynn
Lynae લયને Derived From Lynelle
Lyndell લ્ય્ન્દેલ્લ Pretty
Lynelle લ્ય્નેલ્લે Derived From Linette
Lynette લ્ય્નેત્તે Derived From Lynn
Lynlee લ્ય્ન્લી Waterfall
Lynn લ્ય્ન્ન Derived From Lynn
Lynnae લ્ય્ન્નાએ Waterfall; Pool Below A Waterfall
Lynne લ્ય્નને Derived From Lynelle
Lynnell લ્ય્ન્નેલ્લ Derived From Lynette
Lynnette લ્ય્ન્નેત્તે Derived From Lisa
Lysa લ્ય્સા Derived From Liset
Lysette લ્ય્સેત્તે A Short Form Of Elizabeth
Lyzabeth લ્ય્ઝાબેથ Walking with a proud, swinging gait

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