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Gujarathi Baby Girl Names Starting With "Ge" and Meaning
Name In Gujarathi Meaning
Geervani ગીરવાની  
Geetanshu ગીતાંશુ  
Geetayali ગીતાયાળી  
Geethanjali ગીથાંજલિ  
Geetharthi ગીથારથી  
Geya ગયા Poem
Geashna ગેઅશના victory
Geena ગીના Silvery
Geet ગીત Melody
Geeta ગીતા Holy book of the hindus
Geeta - Seeta ઈતઈત  
Geeta Suhani ઈતઉહનિ the hindu holy book
Geetali ગીતાલી Offering through Mantras
Geetanjali ગીતાંજલિ Geeta
Geetashri ગીતાશ્રી A Religious book
Geetawali ગીતાવલી A small song
Geetha ગીથા holy book of the hindus
Geetha anshu    
Geetha sri    
Geetha suhani    
Geethanvitha   Smily
Geethika ગીથીકા small song
geethika Aradhya    
geethika chelsy    
Geeti ગીતિ Melody
Geetika ગીતિકા Derived From Jenna
Geetu ગીતુ mental
Gehena ગેહેના  
Gehna ગેહના ornament
Genelia ગેનેલિયા  
Genna ગેનના A Combination Of Georgia and Ann
Georgeann એઓર્ગેઅન્ન A Combination Of Georgia and Anna
Georgeanna એઓર્ગેઅન્ન A Combination Of Georgia and Ann
Georgeanne ગેઓર્ગેંને A Familiar Form Of Georgia
Georgene ગેઓર્ગેને Feminine Form Of George
Georgia ગેઓર્ગિયા Derived From Georgeanna
Georgiana એઓર્ગિઅન Derived From Georgeanna
Georgianna એઓર્ગિઅન્ન A Familiar Form Of Georgeanne
Georgie ગેઓર્ગીએ Derived From Georgia
Georgina ગેઓર્ગીના Brave Spearwoman
Gerarda ગેરરડા Beautiful
Geshna ગેશના Singer
Geyshna   narmal

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