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Marathi Baby Girl of Kark rashi and Meaning
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Name In Marathi Meaning
Hena हेना Flower
Henal हेणाल  
Heni हेनी  
Henishi हेनिशी  
Henna हेंना Mehndi
Henrietta ःएन्रिएत्त Queen of Gods
Hepsi   Hepsi
Hera हेर Child Of The Earth
Heral हेराल wealthy
Hertha हेर्था  
Hesha हेषा  
Heshrita   Goddess lakshmi
Hessa हेस्सा Destiny
Het हेत Love
Heta हेत  
Hetal हेतल A Familiar Form Of Henrietta
Hetani हेतानी  
Hetarthi हेतार्थी synonym of love
Hetavi हेतावी  
Hethanshri हेथांश्री a part of love
Hethuhitha   ponnvasantham
Heti हेती Sun ray
Hetika हेतिका sun rays
Hetshree हेत्श्री love of god
Hetta हेत्ता  
Hetu हेतू vanquisher of all evils, vices & sins
Hetvi हेत्वी  
Hoor हूर Signifying The Quality Of Hope Actress
Hooriya हुरिय Angel
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