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Hindi Baby Girl Names Starting With "Ca" and Meaning
Name In Hindi Meaning
Catherina काठेरिना  
Caamdini काम्दिनी  
Caaruhasa कारुहासा  
Caarukaesi चारुकेसी  
Caarulata चारुलता  
Caarumati चारुमती  
Caaruseela कारुसीला Derived From Kady
Cadie कैदी Derived From Kady
Cady कैदी Derived From Cadence
Cadyna काद्य्ना  
Caetana केतना  
Cakoeri काकोएरी  
Cakravaakam काक्रवाकम Castle
Cala काला  
Camcala काम्काला  
Camcalaakshmi काम्कालाक्ष्मी  
Camdana काम्दाना  
Camdeepriya काम्दीप्रिया  
Camdi कामदी  
Camdika काम्दिका  
Camdraanana काम्द्रानना  
Camdrakala चंद्रकला  
Camdralaekha काम्द्रलेखा  
Camdramati काम्द्रमती  
Camdramukhi चंद्रमुखी  
Camdraprabha काम्द्रप्रभा  
Camdrasaena काम्द्रसेना  
Camdravadana काम्द्रवादाना  
Camdrika चंद्रिका  
Camerina कामेरिना  
Cammy कम्मी  
Campa कैम्प  
Campaka काम्पका  
Campakamaala काम्पकमाला Small bridge
Cantara कान्तार Derived From Caroline
Caralyn काराल्यं  
Carani करनी Derived From Caroline
Carelyn कारेल्यं Derived From Caroline
Carilyn कारिल्यं  
Carina करीना  
Carishma करिश्मा  
Carita कारिता Strong
Carla कार्ला Derived From Carly
Carlee कार्ली Derived From Caroline
Carleen कार्लीन Derived From Carly
Carleigh कार्लेइघ Derived From Caroline
Carlena करलेना Derived From Caroline
Carlene कार्लेने Derived From Carly
Carley केरले Derived From Carly
Carli कार्ली Derived From Carly
Carlie कार्ली A Familiar Form Of Caroline
Carly कार्ली Strong
Carol कैरोल Derived From Carol
Carole कारोले Derived From Caroline
Caroline कारोलिने Dimunitive with royal Connotations
Carolyn कैरोलीन Derived From Caroline
Carolyne कारोल्य्ने Derived From Caroline
Carolynn कारोल्य्न्न A Familiar Form Of Carol, Caroline
Carrie कैर्री Derived From Catherine
Carvi   Butifull woman
Catherine काठेरिने Pure
Catheryn काठेर्यं Derived From Katie
Cathy क्ति Pure
Catie काटी Derived From Katina
Catina कातिना  
Catura कातुरा Battle Chieftain
Cauvery काउवेरी Same As Cavery Name Of A River

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