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Gujarathi Baby Girl Names Starting With "Rup" and Meaning
Name In Gujarathi Meaning
Rupani રૂપની  
Rupasri રુપસરી  
Rupsa રૂપ્સા  
Rupa રૂપ Silver
Rupa-Anurupa ઉપંઉરુપ  
Rupa-Swarupa ઉપવરુપ  
Rupal રૂપાળ Made of silver
Rupali રૂપાળી Gentle; Daughter of the Prophet (pbuh)
Ruparna રુપરના beautiful
Rupashi રૂપશી Beautiful
Rupashree રૂપશ્રી beautiful
Rupashri રૂપશ્રી Beautiful
Rupasi રૂપસી Beautiful Lady
Rupeshwari રુપેશ્વારી Goddess of beauty
Rupi રૂપી Beauty
Rupika રૂપિકા Gold coin
Rupneet રૂપ્નિત  
Rupneet Kaur    
Ruponti રુપોન્તી comfort
Rupsha રૂપ્ષા it is the name of a river in bangladesh. alternatively , the name signifies impeccable beauty--- that cannot at any time be measured.

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