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Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With "M" and Meaning
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Name In Hindi Meaning
Mitrasen मित्रसेन A King
Mitravardhan मित्रवर्धन A king s son
Mitravasu मित्रवासु  
Mitthu मिट्ठू sweet
Mittoo मित्तू one who speaks sweetly, parrot
Mitul मितुल Friend
Mitun मिटून  
Mitwa मितवा  
Mivaan मिवान  
Mizyal मिज्यल  
Mo मो The one respected
Moazzam ंओअश्शम respective
Moazzem मोअज्ज़ेम A Short Form Of Moses
Modak मोदक Pleasing
Modal मोडल Enjoyment
Moe मोए  
Moehan मोएहन Attractive
Moh मोह Love
Mohajit मोहजित Attractive
Mohak मोहक Attractive
Mohal मोहल Founder of Islam, Prophet
Mohamad मोहमद The Prophet
Mohamad Basith ंओहमद भसिथ prophet, humble, merciful
Mohamed halith    
Mohammad मोहम्मद Praised; from "Muhammad", name of the Prophet (pbuh)
Mohammed मोहम्मद Beauteous and brave
Mohan मोहन Lovable
Mohan - Rohan ंओहन - ऋओहन  
Mohan - Sohan ंओहन - षोहन  
Mohan babu    
Mohan murali    
Mohan sai    
Mohana Priya ंओहन फ्रिय lovingly & affection
Mohanapriya   Yes
Mohanbir मोहन्बिर Fascinating
Mohanish मोहनीश Krishna, Attractive God
mohanraj   Meaning in tamil
Mohaseen   Ahesan Kar Ne Wala-
mohd azharuddin   most prominent
Mohid मोहिद another name for gad
Mohil मोहिल attractive
Mohin मोहिं Attractive
Mohinder मोहिंदर The Great God Indra, God Of The Sky
Mohit मोहित Charming
Mohit sai    
Mohit vishnu    
Mohiuddin मोहिउद्दीन  
Mohjit मोह्जित Lord Krishna
Mohneesh मोहनीश Freedom
Mohnish मोहनीश Lord Krishna
Mohsin मोहसिन Helpful
Mohul मोहुल Attractive
Moin मोईन Tell us
Moinuddin मोईनुद्दीन  
Moiz ंओइश protected
Mokammel मोकम्मेल hindi
Moksh मोक्ष Salvation
Moksha मोक्ष Free
Mokshad मोक्षद last of moksh
mokshagna मोक्षगना  
Mokshagna sai nandan    
Mokshajna मोक्षजना  
Mokshal मोक्शल  
Mokshasree   telugu
Mokshgna मोक्ष्गना  
Mokshi मोक्षी  
Mokshit मोक्षित Free
Momeen   Birth star
Momin मोमिन Rich Man s Mountain.
Monali मोनाली  
monesh   meaning
Moni मोनी Silent
Monik मोनिक advise
Moninder मोनिंदर  
Monish मोनीश Lord Of Mind
Monojit ंओनोजित  
Montek मोंटेक optimistic on man
Montesh मोंतेश  
Montgomery मोंटगोमेरी A Familiar Form Of Montgomery
Monty मोंटी Moor; Marshland
moorthi   rcc
Moosa मूसा A Prophet s name
More siddhant devidas   Principle
Moreland मोरेलंद Meadow By The Moor
Moreshwar मोरेश्वर moreshwar or mayureshwar is one of ashthavinayaks(lord ganapati).(elephant headed god)
moreswar   meaning
Moriya मोरिया Teacher
Morley मोर्ले Son Of Maurice
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