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Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With "Gh" and Meaning
Name In Marathi Meaning
Ghana Deepika घ्हन डॆपिक  
Ghandresh घन्द्रेश  
Ghausia घौसिया  
Ghaalib घालीब Victor
Ghaazi घाझी Conqueror
Ghalib घालीब Victor, A poet
Ghan Priya ग़्हन्रिय A Poet
Ghanalinga घानालींगा  
Ghananad घननाद  
Ghananand घनानंद Happy Like Cloud
Ghanashyam घनश्याम Lord Krishna
Ghanasyaam घनश्याम Lord indra
Ghanendra घानेन्द्र Lord indra
Ghanesh घनेश Close
Ghanistha घानिस्था Lord indra
Ghanpal घन्पाल Lord indra
Ghanpati घन्पती Lord indra
Ghanraj घन्राज One who realizes the Home within
Ghanshyam घनश्याम Lord Krishna
Ghansyam घनश्याम  
Gharcheen घर्चीन One who meditates on the Real Home within
Gharchet घर्चेत Forcibly evacuated
Ghasaan घासान Old Arabic name
Ghasita घासिता Old Arabic name
Ghassan घास्सन Conqueror
Ghazi घाझी Succorer
Ghiyaath घीयाथ Succorer
Ghiyath घीयाथ One having exalted divine knowledge
Ghode chetan    

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