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Marathi Baby Girl Names Starting With "Jee" and Meaning
Name In Marathi Meaning
Jee Harika झॆ ःअरिक  
Jeevina जीविना  
Jeevisha जीविषा  
Jeel जिल silent lake
Jeena जीना to live
Jeenal जीनल  
Jeenam जीनां  
Jeenat जीनात Victorious
Jeet जीत Goddess of Victory
Jeetesh जितेश Soul
Jeeteshi जीतेशी goddess of victory
Jeethika जीठीका  
Jeev Prabha ज्ञीव्रभ  
Jeeval जीवाल full of life
Jeevana जीवना Life
Jeevana sree    
Jeevani जीवनी Art of Living
Jeevankala जीवनकला Creeper of life
Jeevanlata जीवन्लता A kind of Creeper
Jeevanti जीवन्ति  
Jeevika जीविका water
Jeevita जीविता Life
Jeevitha जीवितहा Derived From Gema
Jeevithasree   Life
Jeevnee जीवनी auto biography

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