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Marathi Baby Girl Names Starting With "Ana" and Meaning
Name In Marathi Meaning
Anaany अनान्य  
Anaga अन्ग  
Anaitya अनित्य  
Anamica अनामिका  
Ananya Darshini आनन्य डर्शिनि Matchless Vision
Anarga अनर्ग  
Anasuiya आनसुइय  
Anathulya अनाठूल्या  
Ana अन Playful,wanted
Anaadheena अनाधीना  
Anaamika अनामिका Derived From Annabel
Anaan आनान Clouds
Anabel अनाबेल Derived From Annabel
Anabelle अनाबेल्ले One who radiates the Lord s Light
Anadini   Happiness
Anadjot अनाद्जोत  
Anagha अनघा Without sin
Anaghaa अनघा A Combination Of Ana and Karen
Anagi अनागी Valuable
Anahat अनाहत  
Anahata अनाहता  
Anahita अनाहिता Full of grace
Anaida अनैदा  
Anaisha अनिशा special
Anaitha अनैथा  
Anaiya अनिय  
Anakaren अनाकारेण A Creeper
Anal Prabha आनल फ्रभ A Sage s wife
Anala आणला A Combination Of Ana and Laura
Analaura अनालौरा Derived From Analisa
Analicia अनालीचिया A Combination Of Anna and Lisa
Analika   Grace. favor.
Analilia अनालीलिया Full of grace and Lily
Analisa आणलीस Derived From Analisa
Analise अनालीसे A Combination Of Ana and Maria
Anam अनाम Blessing
Anamaria अनामारिया Without a name
Anamika अनामिका Ring Finger
Anamitra अनामित्र The Sun
Anamta अनामत  
Anamtalakshmi अनाम्तालाक्ष्मी  
Anamtapadma अनाम्तापाद्मा Clouds
Anan आनं Cloud,Joyful
Ananda आनंद Full with joy
Ananda Lakshmi आनन्द ळक्श्मि goddess of happiness
Anandalakshmi आनंदालाक्ष्मी Goddess Of Happiness
Anandamaye आनंदमये Joy Permeated
Anandamayi आनंदमयी Cheerful
Anandani आनंदानी Joyful
Anandhi आनंदही Always Happy (woman)
Anandi आनंदी Joyful
Anandini आनंदिनी Joyful
Anandita आनंदित The Light of Bliss
Anandithya आनंदिठ्या  
Anandjot आनंद्जोत One absorbed in the Lord s Bliss
Anandleen आनंद्लीन Of blissful form; radiating bliss
Anandmayee आनंदमयी Full Of Happiness
Anandroop आनंदरूप  
Anangee अनंगी Cupid s Consort
Anangu अनंगु Countless
Ananka अनंका Earth, Parvati
Ananshi अनांशी goddess parvati
Ananta अनंत A Combination Of Ana and Rosa
Anantha अनन्तः Endless, Eternal
Ananti अनंती Gift
Anantika अनन्तिका  
Anantya अनंत्या Endless, Eternal
Ananya अनन्य Without a second
Anara अनर  
Anargha अनर्घ precious
Anarghya अनर्घ्य Priceless
Anarosa अनारोसा  
Anasua अनासुं One who is not jealous of anybody
Anasuaya अनासुंय Of young age
Anasuya अनसूया Without Spite Or Envy
Anatha अनाथ no end
Anathi अनाठी Modest, Respectful
Anavi आणावी Kind To People
Anavia आनविअ  
Anaya अन्य Looks up to God
Anayasha   Unique or spcial
Anayat आण्यात  
Anayna अनाय्ना  
Anayusha अनायुषा Lovely and Beautiful

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