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Gujarathi Baby Boy Names Starting With "L" and Meaning
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Name In Gujarathi Meaning
Lucky લુચ્ક્ય Shubh
Luckyraj લુચ્ક્ય્રાજ  
Ludlow ળુદ્લોવ A Prophet s name
Luhit લુહિત Name Of A River
Lukesh લુકેશ King Of The Empire
Lukesha લુકેશા king of the empire
Lupesh લુપેશ  
Luqmaan ળુક્માન A Prophet s name
Luqman ળુક્મન Meadow
Lutfi લુત્ફી Kind and friendly
Luv લુવ Rama s twin son
Luv - Kush ળુવુશ  
Luv-Kush ળુવુશ  
Lyman લ્યમાન Valley Of Lime Trees
Lyndal લ્ય્ન્દલ Derived From Lyndon
Lynden લ્ય્ન્દેન Suggests Linden Tree Hill.
Lyndon લ્ય્ન્દોન Trustworthy
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