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Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With "Ea" and Meaning
Name In Tamil Meaning
Eashanvitha ஈஷன்வித Goddess Parvati
Eadda ஈட்ட Derived From Edmunda
Eadmund ஈட்முந்த் Derived From Edwina
Eadwine ஈட்வினே Noblewoman
Earlene ஈர்லேனே Eagle
Earna ஈரன Derived From Ernestina
Earnestyna ஈர்நெஸ்டைன Earthy
Eartha ஈர்த்த Derived From Erwina
Earwyn ஈர்வின் Derived From Erwina
Earwyna ஈர்வ்ய்ன Easter Time
Eashta ஈஷ்ட Eashwara s name (sanskrit)
Easmatara ஈஸ்மடர Unknown
Easter ஈஸ்ட்டர் Noble Waterfall
Eathelin ஈதலின் Noble Waterfall
Eathelyn ஈதலின் Noble Protector

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