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Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With "Vib" and Meaning
Name In Marathi Meaning
Vibhanshu विभांषु  
Vibhar विभर  
Vibhol विभोल  
Vibhaa विभा  
Vibhaas विभास Shinning
Vibhaavasu विभावसु Sun Fire
Vibhakar विभाकर Shine, A Raaga
Vibhas विभास Prosper
Vibhat विभात Dawn
Vibhav विभव Lord Venkateswara
Vibhava विभाव Deeply Involved
Vibhavasu विभावसु Lord Krishna
Vibhishan विभीषण A Character From The Epic Ramayana
Vibhnil विभ्नील  
Vibhor विभोर Ecstatic
Vibhore विभोरे Sun
Vibhu विभू Ornament
Vibhu siddharth   God of Murugan
Vibhum विभुं the greatest
Vibhumat विभुमत Lord Krishna
Vibhushan विभूषण Master of Prosperity
Vibhusnu विभूस्नू Lord Shiva
Vibhut विभूत Strong
Vibhuti Narain Vइभुति णरैन Prosper Son
Vibhuti Prasad Vइभुति फ्रसद  
Vibodh विबोध Wise

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