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Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With "Il" and Meaning
Name In Marathi Meaning
Ilachandra इलाचंद्र Skilled in Literature
Ilaiyavan इलैयवान Youthful
Ilakkiyan इलाक्कीयान Youthful and Brave
Ilakkuvan इलाक्कुवान it is the tamil form of the name "lakshman", it also mean ambitious person, the one who has goal, desire
Ilamaran इलामरण Young Horse
IlamParidhi इलाम्पारीधी Youthful
Ilamporai इलाम्पोराई Prince
Ilamuhil इलामुहील Youthful God Murugan
IlaMurugu इलामुरुगु Prince; Chera Prince who authored the classic Silappadhikaram
Ilancheliyan इलान्चेलीयान Full Of Youthful Potential
Ilandevan इलान्देवान Young Master
Ilango इलंगो Prince
Ilanthirayan इलान्ठीरायण Young Man Whose Influence Extends Beyond The Seas
Ilashpasti इलाश्पास्ती Lord of the earth
Ilavalagan इलावालागन Young And Handsome
Ilavarasan इलावारासन God of Earth
Ilesh इलेश Lord Of Earth
Ilisa इलीसा King of the Earth
Illiyas इल्लीयास Support, pillar
Ilyas आल्यास A Prophet s name

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