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Gujarathi Baby Boy Names Starting With "Yog" and Meaning
Name In Gujarathi Meaning
Yogender યોગેન્દેર  
Yogendera યોગેન્દેરા  
Yoginder યોગીન્દેર  
Yogith યોગીઠ  
Yog યોગ lord buddha
Yogadeva યોગદેવા Lord Of Yoga
Yogadevan યોગદેવન lord of yoga
Yogadhipa યોગધીપા The Lord of
Yogaji યોગાજી  
Yoganand યોગાનંદ Master of Yoga
Yoganath યોગનાથ  
Yoganidra યોગનિદ્રા Meditation
Yogaraj યોગરાજ healthy and lovable lucky person
Yogeen યોગિન  
Yogendra યોગેન્દ્ર God Of Yoga
Yogesh યોગેશ God Of Yoga
Yogesh-Ritesh ઓગેશિતેશ  
Yogeshwar યોગેશ્વર Meditator
Yogeshwaran યોગેશ્વરન loose
Yogi યોગી Lord Shiva
Yoginampati યોગીનામ્પતી Lord Of The Yogis
Yoginath યોગીનાથ  
Yogindhar યોગીન્ધાર Lord Krishna
Yogine યોગીને Saint. A Name For Lord Hanuman
Yogiraj યોગીરાજ Lord Shiva
Yogish યોગીશ god of yoga
Yogit યોગિત  
Yognath યોગ્નાથ Mixed Drug
Yograj યોગરાજ Planner
yogulu   Sanyasi

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