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Gujarathi Baby Boy Names Starting With "Yag" and Meaning
Name In Gujarathi Meaning
Yagena Raj અગેનઅજ Its A Buatiful
Yagna Harshith અગ્નઃઅર્શિથ  
Yageendra યાગીન્દ્ર Ceremonial rites to God
Yagna યજ્ઞ Ceremonial Rites To God
Yagnakaya યાગ્નાકાયા Acceptor of All Sacred Sacrficial Offerings
Yagnash યાગ્નાશ Kush
Yagnesh યજ્ઞેશ Religious Leader
Yagneshwara યાગ્નેશ્વારા fire
Yagnik યાગ્નિક  
Yagya યજ્ઞ Sacrifice
Yagya Bhushan અગ્યહુશન Given by Yajna
Yagya Dutt અગ્યડુત્ત A Jain Saint
Yagya Mitra અગ્યઇત્ર Protector of Yajna
Yagya Pal અગ્યઅલ Lord Vishnu
Yagya Pati અગ્યઅતિ Moon
Yagya Raj અગ્યઅજ Brahmin
Yagya Vahan   Increaser of Yajna
Yagya Vardhan   Performer of Yajna
Yagya Vrat અગ્ય્રત Lord Vishnu, Sun
Yagyasen યજ્ઞસેન Name Of King Drupad
Yagyesh યજ્ઞેશ Lord Vishnu, Sun
Yagyeshwar યાગ્યેશ્વર A Prophet s name

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