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Gujarathi Baby Boy Names Starting With "Li" and Meaning
Name In Gujarathi Meaning
Libin લીબીન  
Lijo લીજો  
Likhil લીખીલ  
Likinatha લીકીનાથા Lord Shiva
Likit લીકિત  
Lingaraju લીન્ગરાજુ  
Lingesh લીન્ગેશ  
Lithvik લીથ્વિક  
Lithyan લીથ્યન  
Liyakat લિયાકત  
Libeesh લીબિશ  
Libin mohan    
Lidin લીદીન  
Liga લીગ lord of sweetness
Lijesh લીજેશ  
Likesh લીકેશ  
Likhit લિખિત Written
Likhith લીખીઠ Written
Likhithesh લીખીથેશ  
Likilesh લીકીલેશ sarawasti
Likith લીકીઠ  
Lila kishor   Vishnu
Liladhar લીલાધર Lord Vishnu
Lilashenkar   Siva lila
Lilby   Lilby loly
Limgam લીમ્ગમ A Short Form Of Lincoln
Linc ળિન્ક Signifies Settlement By The Pool.
Lincoln લીન્કોલ્ન Valley Of The Linden
Lindell લીન્દેલ્લ Derived From Lyndon
Linden લીન્દેન Linden Field
Lindley લીન્દ્લેય Derived From Lyndon
Lindon લીન્દોન Linden Ford
Linesh   one only god
Linford લીન્ફોર્દ God Sivan
Lingadevaru લીન્ગદેવારું lord shiva
Lingaiah લીન્ગીઃ  
Lingam લીન્ગમ God Sivan
Lingamoorthi લીન્ગમૂરથી God Sivan
Lingamurthy લીન્ગમુર્થ્ય shivasannidi
Lingan લિંગન God Sivan
Lingapandi લીન્ગપંડી god siva
Lingappan લીન્ગપ્પણ God Sivan
Lingasamy લીન્ગસમ્ય lord siva
Lingesan લીન્ગેસન Flax Town
Lingeshvaran લીન્ગેશ્વરણ  
Lingeswaran લીન્ગેસ્વરણ  
Linton લીન્તોન Flax Wood
Linu લીનું a cry of grief
Linwood લીન્વૂદ Desirable
Lion   Brave
Lipsit લીપ્સિત Dyer
lisanth   lucky boy
Lishan લીષણ  
Lishanth લીશંઠ  
Lister લીસ્તેર Town On The Hill
Lithiesh લીથીએશ aim
Litton લીત્તોન Absorbed in the Lamp of Light
Livdeep લીવ્દીપ Leif s Town
Livingston લીવીન્ગ્સ્તોન Absorbed in the Light of God
Livjot લીવ્જોત Absorbed in adoration of God
Livleen લીવ્લીન Absorbed in the love of God
Livpreet લીવ્પ્રિત Embodiment of absorbtion in God
Livroop લીવ્રૂપ Absorbed in the Lotus Feet of God
Livsharan લીવ્શરણ Ceaselessly remaining absorbed in God
Livtar લીવતર Derived From Leighton

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