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Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With "Uma" and Meaning
Name In Bengali Meaning
Umaakant উমাকাঁত  
Umapathi উমাপাথী  
Uma Kiran-Usha Kiran ঊমইরনূশইরন  
Uma Shankar ঊমষন্কর indicates both names of shiva and shivani
Umaakaant উমাকাঁত  
Umaamaheswar উমামাহেস্বার  
Umaapati উমাপতি God Sivan
Umaarah উমারাহ Old Arabic name
Umaiappan উমায়াপ্পান God Sivan
Umair উমার Old Arabic name
Umaiyavan উমায়য়াভান Lord Shankar
Umakant উমাকাঁত Lord Shiva
Umakanth উমাকান্থ literally meaning umas husband - according to hindu mythology it means lord shiva, who is umas (parvati) husband
Umal উমল  
Umamaheshwar উমামাহেশ্বর the son of lord shiva
Umanand উমানান্দ Lord Shiva
Umanath উমানাথ Lord Shiva
Umang উমাং Happiness
Umapathy উমাপাথ্য়  
Umapati উমাপতি Old Arabic name
Umaprasad উমাপ্রসাদ Blessing Of Goddess Parvati
Umaputra উমাপুত্রা The Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati)
Umar উমার Old Arabic name (Second Khalifah)
Umar sahdik    
Umarah উমরাহ Lord Ganesha
Umashankar উমাশানকার Lord Shiva
Umasut উমাসুত Son of Parvathi (Uma)
Umasuthan উমাসুথান Old Arabic name
Umay উমে Goddess Parvati
Umayr, Umair ঊময্রূমৈর King

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