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Malayalam Baby Girl Names Starting With "uj" and Meaning
Name In Malayalam Meaning
Ujaala ഉജാല White
Ujali ഊജലി Moon light
Ujall ഉജല്ൽ glory
Ujawala ഊജവല Shine,Whiteness
Ujawalta ഊജവൽറ്റ Victor
Ujayati ഉജയടി An ancient city
Ujayini ഉജയിനി Victorious
Ujesha ഉജേശ Light
Ujhala ഉജ്ഹാല Moon light
ujiwalachadran   Tamil
Ujiyari ഉജിയറി A pure and beauteous person
Ujjalroop ഉജ്ജല്രൂപ്  
Ujjam ഉജ്ജം  
Ujjanini ഉജ്ജനിനി An Ancient City
Ujjawala ഉജ്ജവാല Saying
Ujjayini ഉജ്ജയിനി An Ancient City
Ujjwala ഉജ്ജ്വല Bright, Lustrous
Ujjwala/ujvala ഊജ്ജ്വല/ഊജ്വ്ala Bright; Lighted
Ujvala ഉജ്വല Bright
Ujwala ഉജ്വല Bright
Ujwani ഉജ്വനി he who wins the struggle, victorious

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