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Kannada Baby Boy Names Starting With "Thi" and Meaning
Name In Kannada Meaning
Thinley ಠಿನ್ಲೆಯ್  
Thirun ತಿರುನ್  
Thirupathi ತಿರುಪತಿ  
Thishyak ತಿಶ್ಯಕ್  
Thishyath ತಿಷ್ಯಥ್  
Thiivyesh ಠೀವ್ಯೆಶ್ lord of happiness and satisfaction
Thilak ತಿಲಕ್  
ThillaiNathan ತಿಳ್ಲೈನಾಥನ್ Intelligent and Radiant like Sun
Thimma ತಿಮ್ಮ lord venkateswara
Thinakaran ತಿನಕರನ್ Brilliant Like The Sun, Intelligent
Thines ತಿನೆಸ್  
Thiraiyan ತಿರೈಯನ್ Intelligent; Realized
Thiru ತಿರು shri
Thiru Murugan ಠಿರು ಂಉರುಗನ್  
ThiruGnanam ತಿರುಗ್ನನಂ God Venkateswaran
Thirumal ತಿರುಮಲ್ Abode of God Venkateswaran; Holy Place
Thirumala ತಿರುಮಲ  
Thirumalai ತಿರುಮಲೈ Brave
Thirumalesh ತಿರುಮಲೇಶ್  
Thirumani ತಿರುಮಣಿ Precious Gem
ThiruMaran ತಿರುಮರನ್ Word of God
Thirumeni ತಿರುಮೆನಿ  
Thirumoli ತಿರುಮೊಲಿ God Murugan
ThiruMurugan ತಿರುಮುರುಗನ್ also Tirupugal
Thirupati ತಿರುಪತಿ sri venkateswara, mahavirat. the famous name and fame in world. suitable to boys.
ThiruPugal ತಿರುಪುಗಲ್ Author of the Tamil Masterpiece ThiruKural (aka Secular Scripture)
ThiruValluvan ತಿರುವಲ್ಲುವನ್  
Thiruvalluvar ತಿರುವಳ್ಳುವರ್ Author Of Tamil Classic, Thirukural
Thiruvarangan ತಿರುವರನ್ಗನ್ God Venkateswaran
ThiruVenkatan ತಿರುವೆನ್ಕತನ್ Light from God
Thiruvoli ತಿರುವೋಲಿ A Short Form Of Thomas
Thivyasai saran    
Thiyahu ತಿಯಹು  

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