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Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With "Tr" and Meaning
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Name In Hindi Meaning
Treeshan त्रीशन  
Tribhuwan त्रिभुवन  
Trideep त्रिदीप  
Tripal ट्रिपल  
Trishanth त्रिशंथ  
Trader त्रदर Derived From Trey
Trae ट्रे Derived From Trey
Trai तराई Traveler
Trailokva त्रैलोक्वा The Three Worlds
Trambak त्रम्बक Lord Shiva
Travell त्रवेल At A Crossroad
Travis त्रविस Derived From Trey
Tray त्रय Town Full Of Trees
trayodh   3 yodhas
Trayton त्रय्तों Derived From Trey
Trea तरा Well-worn Road
Tredway त्रेद्वय Derived From Travell
Trevell ट्रेवेल Elian s Homestead
Trevelyan ट्रेवेल्यन Derived From Travis
Trevis ट्रेविस Three; Third
Trey तरे Derived From Trayton
Treyton त्रेय्तों Derived From Trey
Tri त्रि  
Triambak त्रिंबक Lord Shiva
Trianksh त्रिंक्ष  
Triansh त्रिंश  
Tribhuvan त्रिभुवन Lord Vishnu
Tribhuvan Narain ट्रिभुवन्णरैन Lord Vishnu
Tribhuvan Nath ट्रिभुवन्णथ Lord Vishnu
Tribhuvan pati ट्रिभुवन्पति Lord Brahma, Vishnu,Mahesha
Trideo त्रिदो lndra, Gods
Tridev त्रिदेव Hindu Trinity ( Bramha, Vishnu Mahesh The Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer)
Tridevesh त्रिदेवेश Heaven
Tridhaman त्रिधामन The Holy trinity
Tridhatri त्रिधात्री Lord Ganesh
Tridib त्रिदिब Heaven
Tridiv त्रिदिव Expansion of 3 qualities
Trigun त्रिगुण The Three Dimensions
Trigunayat त्रिगुणायत Heaven,Earth and Paatal
Trigya त्रिग्य Lord Buddha
Trigyesh त्रिग्येश Lord Buddha - Trigya With Esh As Eshwar.....
Trijal त्रिजल Lord Shiva
Trikay तरीके Lord Buddha
Trilochan त्रिलोचन Lord Shiva (The three eyed)
Trilok त्रिलोक The Three Worlds (heaven, Earth, Hell)
Trilok Chandra ट्रिलोक्छन्द्र Lord Vishnu
Trilok Narain ट्रिलोक्णरैन Lord Vishnu
Trilokanath त्रिलोकनाथ Lord Shiva
Trilokchand त्रिलोकचंद Moon Of The Three Worlds
Trilokesh त्रिलोकेश Lord Vishnu
Triloki त्रिलोकी Lord Vishnu
Trilokinath त्रिलोकीनाथ Lord Vishnu
Trilokpati त्रिलोकपति Worshipped in three worlds
Trimaan त्रिमान  
Triman त्रिमान Ruler of three world s
Trimuarti त्रिमुअरती Hay
Trimurti त्रिमूर्ति The Holy trinity
Trina तृण  
Trinaadh त्रिनाध Lord Vishnu
Trinabh त्रिनाभ Lord Vishnu
Trinam तृणं Almighty
Trinath त्रिनाथ A Sage
Trinayan त्रिनयन Lord Shiva
Trinesh त्रिनेष lord shiva
Trinpani त्रिन्पनी Traveler
Trip ट्रिप  
Tripaadam त्रिपादं Lord Vishnu
Tripati त्रिपति Traveler
Tripp त्रिप्प Kuber
Tripurajit त्रिपुराजित Lord Shiva
Tripurari त्रिपुरारी Lord Shiva
Trisanu त्रिसनु  
Trishanku त्रिशंकु A King Of The Surya Dynasty
Trishar त्रिषर Pearl necklace
Trishir त्रिशिर Thirsty
Trishit तृषित Who knows about 3 Vedas
Trishiv त्रिशिव  
Trishul त्रिशूल Lord Shiva s trident
Trishulank त्रिशुलांक Lord Shiva
Trishulin त्रिशुलिन Lord Shiva
Trishva त्रिश्व three world
Trithesh त्रिठेश  
Trivedh Sai ट्रिवेध षै  
Trivedi त्रिवेदी Trickling Stream
Trivendra त्रिवेन्द्र the meaning of the name trivendra is the master of the three super power like shiv bharma and vishnu....
Trivendra Singh    
Trivik   Telugu
Trivikram त्रिविक्रम A name of God Vishnu
Triyog त्रियोग controlling all three dimension
Trot तरोत Bridge By The Tree
Trowbridge त्रोव्ब्रिद्गे Water
Troy ट्रॉय Faithful One s Homestead
Truesdale ट्रुएस्दले Little And Honest
Truitt ट्रुइत्त Honest. History
Truman ट्रूमन Strong; Bold
Trumble त्रुम्ब्ले Trustworthy
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