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Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With "Fan" and Meaning
Name In Hindi Meaning
Fane फने  
Faneemdra फनीम्द्र Sheshnaag
Faneesh फणीश Fanindra
Faneeshwar फणीश्वर Lord Vishnu
Faneeshwarnath फणीश्वरनाथ Snake
Fani फनी  
Fanibhuj फनिभुज Shiv/Mahadev
Fanibhusan फनिभुसन Vaasuki
Fanibhushan फनिभुशन Lord Shiva
Fanidra फनिद्र Naag Keshar
Fanikesar फनिकेसर Lord Vishnu on Sheshnaag
Fanikesh फनिकेश Sheshnaag, Vaasuki
Faninath फनिनाथ Sheshnaag, Vaasuki
Fanindra फणीन्द्र The Cosmic Serpent Shesh
Fanipati फणिपति Kind Heartedness
Fanish फणीश The Cosmic Serpent Shesh
Fanishwar फणीश्वर Lord Of Serpents, Vasuki

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