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Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With "El" and Meaning
Name In Hindi Meaning
Elamughil एलामुघिल  
Eldhose एल्धोसे  
Elamaran एलामरण young muruga
Elandra एलंद्र  
Elango इलांगो Derived From Albert
Elavarasan एलावारासन Prince
Elavarasu एलावारासु prince
Elavendhan एलावेंधन the honourable person in the world
Elayaraja एलायाराजा  
Elbert एल्बर्ट Derived From Alden, Aldous
Elden एल्दें Dweller Near The Elder Trees
Elder एल्डर Sacred Hill.
Eldon एल्दों Derived From Aldred
Eldred एल्ड्रेड Derived From Aldrich
Eldridge एल्द्रिद्गे Derived From Aldwin
Eldwin एल्द्विन Noble; White
Elgin एल्गिन Derived From Elijah
Elian एलियन Derived From Elijah
Elias एलिअस god is god
Elijha एलिझा Handsome
Elil एलिल Handsome
Elilan एलिलन King of Beauty
Elilarasan एलिलारासन Handsome
Elilarasu एलिलारासु Handsome, King Of Beauty
Elilchelvan एलिल्चेल्वन Handsome
Elilendhi एलिलेंधी Handsome
Elilmani एलिल्मानी King of Beauty
ElilVendan एलिल्वेंदन Derived From Elliot
Elio एलियो Derived From Elliot
Eliot एलिओत Master of Music; Maestro
ElisaiChelvan एलिसैचेल्वन Elisai = Music + Nambi = Confident
ElisaiNambi एलिसैनाम्बी Master of Music; Maestro
Elisaiyan एलिसियाँ Crime Fighter
Elliot ल्लिओत Derived From Elijah
Elliott ल्लिओत्त Derived From Elias
Ellis एल्लिस Nobleman s Estate
Ellsworth एल्ल्स्वोर्थ Noble Or Famous.
Ellu एल्लू Sesame Seed Considered Sacred
Elmer एल्मेर Moor Where The Elm Trees Grow
Elmore एल्मोरे Nobleman s Hill
Elsdon एल्स्दों Noble s Town
Elston एल्स्तों Noble s Estate
Elsworth एल्स्वोर्थ Old Town
Elton एल्टन Seven Hills (Thirupathi
EluMalai एलुमलाई Derived From Alvin
Elvin एल्विन Elfin Warrior
Elvy एलवी Old Well
Elwell एल्वेल्ल Old Forest
Elwood एल्वूद To command

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